Shu-Hua Chang, Ingrid Rousseau, Maki Suzuki

The Taste of the Brain


A platform of idea exchange, which is organised by design students from Switzerland. In the format of brunch, the team wants to to share the passion of design and food. However, food is not the only content on the dinning table, tableware is also considered an important part of this beautiful cultural landscape. The Taste of The the Brain intends to gather people from different backgrounds, to to discover the stories behind the tablewares, and to get fed by design with a new experience of food.

This event is a part of the Off Programme – open space devoted to workshops, interventions, and other presentations and activities related to graphic design. The authors are solely responsible for the nature of this event. The program is subject to change.

Shu-Hua Chang (TW)

Shu-Hua Chang, product designer from Taipei, Taiwan. She came to Switzerland and met Maki and Ingrid at school. As a product designer, she is fascinated by different applications and combinations of materials and making process. She currently engaged a lot her work in scenography design. By mixing her addiction of human touch of art crafts into rational production process, her works discover both side of human society, industrial and natural sides.

Ingrid Rousseau (FR)

From a graphic design background, Ingrid Rousseau decided to move to Switzerland in order to do an interdisciplinary master, with interior architects and product designers. Graduated in June 2016, this master was a good opportunity to extend her vision of design. Graphic design is not only something looking good but it is also based on a concept of communication. Recently, Ingrid Rousseau co-founded with Ghida Bahsoun a production-company based in Switzerland and called Guffetsch.

Maki Suzuki (FR)

Maki Suzuki, member of Åbäke, which is a transdisciplinary graphic design collective, founded in 2000 with Patrick Lacey (UK), Benjamin Reichen (FR), Kajsa Ståhl (SE) in London, England, after meeting at the Royal College of Art.


Governor’s Palace
Moravské náměstí 1a

Off Programme

The Off Programme is conceived as an open space for workshops, interventions and other graphic design presentations. Following the success of its launch in the previous edition, this time it will be primarily focused on exhibition projects.

The authors are solely responsible for the nature of this event. The program is subject to change.


Governor’s Palace
Moravské náměstí 1a